ASP.NET Is One of The Primary Website Development Frameworks

ASP.NET was developed and released by Microsoft in 2002 and since then, it has been the premium web application development framework used by developers all over the world. Whatever be the development needs of the software development firms, they can use ASP.NET to meet their development needs. Through the years, Microsoft has updated the ASP.NET framework excessively to meet the needs and demands of modern hardware and new technology. The biggest advantage of using ASP.NET is that it is built on the Common Language Runtime, which essentially means that programmers can writer the ASP.NET code with any of the languages supported by .net. Here are some more advantages of ASP.NET that make it one of the most used programming development languages around the world:

  • Quality Support: As ASP.NET is developed and maintained by Microsoft, developers and programmers can rest assured that they will get all the help and support they need if they head into some road-blocks or problems while developing websites or writing code for web based applications.
  • Highly Robust and Flexible: ASP.NET is used by developers all over the world, in all kinds of development environments which gives this language a great degree of flexibility. Whether it is websites, web-based applications, web services or more, programmers can always rely on ASP.NET for high-end results.
  • Multiple Browser Compatibility: As modern web technologies are accessed through all kinds of browsers, ASP.NET offers compatibility with a range of popular browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and more.
  • HIgh Degree of Customization: Another advantage of ASP.NET is the high degree of customization it offers to developers and programmers. They are able to program all kinds of web-based applications and all kinds of websites, from business to personal as well as corporate solutions to meet high-end demands of customers.
  • Safety and security: The safety and security offered by ASP.NET is essential for developers of high end programming languages who are looking for a reliable solution for their work. With ASP.NET, they not only get a great degree of safety but also get Windows authentication on a per-app basis.

Looking for tips and tricks to improve your understanding of ASP.NET and the tasks you can accomplish with this language? Check out for more information.

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Top Advantages of using ASP.NET

ASP.NET was developed by Microsoft and stands for Active Server Pages .NET. Developers can use the ASP.NET framework to create and develop dynamic web-applications and websites. ASP.NET has allowed developers to create websites that update automatically without any need of constant and manual modifications. With the rich web-pages developed by ASP.NET the developers have been able to cater to the demands and needs of their users and provide them with high end technological solutions right inside their browser. Here are some advantages of ASP.NET that make it a powerful development framwork used by developers all over the world:

  • It is easy to use ASP.NET to build robust applications with less code.
  • All applications are completely safe and secure as ASP.NET offers built in windows authentication.
  • ASP.NET can be used in combination with several other languages such as C+, C++, Flash and several others.
  • Native optimization offers high performance by default for websites and applications with a high user base.
  • ASP.NET provides developers with a powerful development environment that includes everything from WYSIWYG editor, automatic deployment, early binding and caching services.
  • Whether it is a complex task such as client authentication or a simple task like form submission, with ASP.NET, designers and developers can create powerful solutions to meet these demands.
  • The pages and web-applications developed with ASP.NET are highly flexible and easy to maintain as all the source code is executed on the server side. Also, the source code and HTML make it easy to maintain the ASP.NET pages.
  • The ASP.NET runtime is an essential part of the programming that ensures that if any of the processes are not working, they can be replaced by a new process. This ensures developers that applications will be always available to handle customer requests.
  • As ASP.NET supports several languages, the developers simply need to choose the language best suitable for their application.
  • Regular updates offered by Microsoft makes ASP.NET the most cutting edge and updated programming framework that is always in sync with the latest developments in the tech world.
  • ASP.NET being a server side technology, is constantly monitored by the web server so that any illegal operations can be checked and instantly terminated. This makes ASP.NET one of the safest and most suitable frameworks for web development.

Most of all, ASP.NET is completely free! Are you looking for more information about ASP.NET and its various uses? Please browse through for more information.


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